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REB Audit Committee

The primary purpose of the Research Ethics Board (REB) is to protect research subjects. Traditionally, REB’s have functioned as a “gate keeper” before the start of a protocol, but the REB also maintains responsibility for continuing review of ongoing research. To assess how effectively the goals of the REB are being met, the REB Audit Committee (REAC) was established and tasked with conducting an annual audit of randomly selected and targeted protocols.  Protocols are selected to represent the wide variety of research conducted at the IWK and may include open or closed projects, clinical trails, trainee research and minimal risk protocols.

The primary goal  of the audit process is to provide a positive learning experience for both clinical researchers and the REB.  It is intended to be “painless” not punitive, and investigators that have been through the experience report it to be very helpful in finding ways to improve their record keeping and research processes.

If your project is selected for audit you will receive notification several weeks in advance of the scheduled date and time.  Every effort will be made to accommodation your schedule. The Principle Investigator is invited to attend the Audit session but research assistants or coordinators are also encouraged to take part.  

The attached documents provide further information about the IWK REB Audit Committee and process. Feel free to contact Research Services if you have any questions.

Terms of Reference


Documents Required for Audit 

FYI - For Health Canada Approved Clinical Trial Research see: Health Canada Pre-Inspection Package

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