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Electronic Textbooks

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5-minute Clinical Consult (Schwartz), 25th ed., 2017

AAFP's conditions A to Z, 2016

Adolescent Medicine: State of the Art Reviews (AM:STARs)

Atlas of Pediatric Emergency Medicine (Shah) 2nd ed., 2013

American Academy of Pediatrics Textbook of Pediatric Care (McInerney) 2ed., 2016

The American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of Geriatric Psychiatry, 5th ed., 2015

The American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of Psychiatry 6th ed., 2014

The American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of Psychopharmacology 4th ed., 2009

The American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of Substance Abuse Treatment 5th ed.,2015

AORN Guidelines for Perioperative Practice - 2016 Edition

APA Practice Guidelines for the Psychiatric Evaluation of Adults, 3rd ed., 2016

APLS: The Pediatric Emergency Medicine Resource (Fuchs) 5th ed., 2012

Applications of Motivational Interviewing : Motivational Interviewing in the Treatment of Psychological Problems (Arkowitz) 2nd ed., 2015

Atlas of procedures in neonatology (MacDonald) 5th ed., 2013

Auscultation Skills: Breath & Heart Sounds. 5th ed., 2014

Avery's neonatology: pathophysiology and management of the newborn (MacDonald) 7th ed., 2016

Berek & Novak's gynecology (Berek),15th ed., 2012

Beyond the NICU: Comprehensive Care of the High-Risk Infant (Malcolm) 2014

Breastfeeding Handbook for Physicians (AAP), 2nd ed., 2014

Building a Successful Ambulatory Care Practice , (Kliethermes), 2011

Care of Military Service Members, Veterans, and Their Families, 2014

Care of the Jaundiced Neonate (Stevenson), 2012

Case Files: Pediatrics (Toy) 5thed., 2016

Clinical Care of the Child with Obesity: A Learner's and Teacher's Guide (Hassink), 2016

Clinical gynecologic endocrinology & infertility (Speroff) 8th ed., 2012

Clinical Manual of Geriatric Psychiatry, 2014

Clinician’s guide to helping children cope and cooperate with medical care (Slifer), 2013

Color Atlas & Synopsis of Pediatric Dermatology (Kane) 2nd ed., 2009

Color Atlas & Synopsis of Pediatric Dermatology (Kane) 3rd ed

Color Atlas of Pediatric Dermatology (Weinberg) 4thed, 2008

The Color Atlas of Pediatrics (Usatine), 2015

Comprehensive Neonatal Nursing Care  (Kenner)5th ed., 2013

CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment Pediatrics (Hay) 23rd ed, 2016

CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment: Pediatric Emergency Medicine (Stone), 2014

Current Procedures: Pediatrics (Goodman), 2007

Danforth's obstetrics and gynecology (Gibbs) 10th ed., 2008

Davis's Comprehensive Handbook of Laboratory & Diagnostic Tests with Nursing Implications - 6th Ed. (2015)

Diagnostic Imaging of Infants and Children (images only) (Wells), 2015

Diseases, complications, and drug therapy in obstetrics: a guide for clinicians (Briggs) 2009

Drugs During Pregnancy and Lactation : Treatment Options and Risk Assessment (Schaefer) 3rd. ed., 2014

Drugs in pregnancy & lactation (Briggs) 10th ed., 2015

DSM-5 (American Psychiatric Association)

DSM-5 Clinical Cases

DSM-5 Handbook of Differential Diagnosis

Dulcan's Textbook of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 2nd ed., 2016

Ethical Issues of Human Genetic Databases (Elger), 2013

Essential Evidence Plus & AHFS DI Essentials

Essentials of anatomy and physiology (Scanlon) 7th ed., 2015

Gabbard's Treatments of Psychiatric Disorders 5th ed. 2014

Gorlin's Syndromes of the Head and Neck - 5th Ed. (2010)

Guide to culturally competent health care (Purnell) 3rd ed., 2014

Harriet Lane Handbook: Mobile Medicine Series, Expert Consult (Engorn) 20th ed., 2014

Helping Parents, Youth, and Teachers Understand Medications for Behavioral and Emotional Problems, 4th ed., 2014

High-Risk & Critical Care Obstetrics - 3rd Ed. (2013)

Hospital for Sick Children, the - SickKids®: Handbook of Pediatric Emergency Medicine, 2008

How to Read a Paper: The Basics of Evidence-Based Medicine - 5th Ed. (2014)

How to Write, Publish, and Present in the Health Sciences: A Guide for Clinicians and Laboratory Researchers (2010)

Interviewing Children and Adolescents: Skills and Strategies for Effective DSM-5® Diagnosis (Morrison) 2nd ed., 2016

Labor and Delivery Nursing: A Guide to Evidence-Based Practice (2009)

Laboratory tests and diagnostic procedures with nursing diagnoses (Corbett) 8th ed., 2013

Lanzkowsky's Manual of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology (Lanzkowsky) 6ed., 2016

Lean Hospitals: Improving Quality, Patient Safety, and Employee Engagement (Graban) 3rd ed., 2016

Lippincott's Video Series: Nursing Procedures, 2009

Lippincott Nursing Procedures - 7th Ed., 2016

Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice - 10th Ed. (2014)

Management of Adults With Traumatic Brain Injury, 2013

Manual of Clinical Psychopharmacology 8th ed., 2015

McGraw-Hill Specialty Board Review: Pediatrics (Daum) 2nd ed., 2011

Med Calc 3000 Complete Edition

Medical Terminology Systems: A Body Systems Approach - 7th Ed. (2013)

Medications and Mothers' Milk (Hale), 2017 Contact LIBRARY,7058, for username/pw

Meeting the Joint Commission's 2013 National Patient Safety Goals, 2013

Merck Manual - Professional version

Motivational Interviewing for Health Care Professionals: A Sensible Approach (2013)

Nelson's pediatric antimicrobial therapy - 22nd Ed. (2016)

Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics (Kliegman)  20th ed., 2015

Neonatal Cardiology (Artman) 2nd ed. 2011

Neonatal Formulary : Drug Use in Pregnancy and the First Year of Life  (Ainsworth) 7th ed., 2014

Neonatal respiratory care handbook (Harrison) 2011

Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine (Adams-Chapman), 2016

Neonatology: Clinical Practice and Procedures (Stevenson), 2015

Neonatology: Management, Procedures, On-Call Problems, Diseases, and Drugs (Gomella) 7thed, 2013

NICU Primer for Pharmacists (Holmes), 2016

NRP: Textbook of Neonatal Resuscitation (American Heart Association, American Academy of Pediatrics) – 6th ed., 2011

Nursing Care of the Pediatric Surgical Patient - 3rd Ed. (2013)

OLDS' Maternal-Newborn Nursing & Women's Health Across the Lifespan - 10th Ed. (2016)

OLDS' Maternal-Newborn Nursing & Women's Health Across the Lifespan Student Workbook & Resource Guide for 10th ed.

OMMBID: Metabolic and Molecular Bases of Inherited Disease

Oxford Handbook of Midwifery - 2nd Ed. (2011)

Paediatric Dentistry - 4th Ed. (2012)

Paediatric Palliative Medicine (Hain), 2nd ed., 2016

Pediatric Clinical Practice Guidelines & Policies: - 16th Ed. (2016)

Pediatric Critical Care Nutrition (Goday) 2014

Pediatric Emergency Medicine: Just the Facts (Strange) 2nd ed., 2012

Pediatric Endocrinology and Inborn Errors of Metabolism (Sarafoglou) 2nd ed., 2017

Pediatric injectable drugs (The Teddy bear book) (Phelps) 10th ed. 2013

Pediatric Nursing: Caring for Children and Their Families - 3rd Ed. (2012)

Pediatric Nutrition (AAP), 7th ed., 2014

Pediatric Nutrition in Practice (World Review of Nutrition and Dietetics, Volume 113) (Koletzko), 2015

Pediatric Patient Safety and Quality Improvement (Frush) 2014

Pediatric Patient Safety in the Emergency Department (AAP),2010

Pediatric Practice: Cardiology (Gleason) 2012

Pediatric Practice: Endocrinology (Kappy) 2nd ed., 2014

Pediatric Practice: Gastroenterology (Bishop) , 2010

Pediatric Practice: Infectious Disease (Shah), 2009

Pediatric Practice: Neurology (Carney), 2010

Pediatric Practice: Ophthalmology (Lueder), 2011

Pediatric Practice: Sports Medicine (Patel), 2009

Pediatrics: PreTest Self-Assessment and Review (Yetman) 14thed., 2016

Pediatrics: PreTest& Self-Assessment and Review (Yetman) 13th ed., 2013

PeriAnesthesia Nursing Care: A Bedside Guide for Safe Recovery, 2012

Perinatal Nursing - 4th Ed. (2014)

Pharmacist's Guide to Evidence-Based Medicine for Clinical Decision Making, 2009

The Philadelphia Guide: Inpatient Pediatrics (Shah) 2nd ed., 2016

Positive Psychiatry: A Clinical Handbook (Jeste), 2015

Quick reference guide to pediatric care (AAP) 2010

Red book: 2015 report of the Committee on Infectious Diseases (AAP) 30th ed., 2015

Red Book Atlas of pediatric infectious diseases  - 3rd ed.(2017)

Research with Children: Perspectives and Practices (Christensen) 3rd ed., (2017)

Rudolph's Pediatrics (Rudolph) 22nd ed , 2011

Rudolph’s Pediatrics Self-Assessment and Board Review (Cabana) 22nd ed., 2014


Sparks & Taylor’s Nursing Diagnosis Reference Manual 10th ed., (2017)

Strange and Schafermeyer's Pediatric Emergency Medicine (Schafermeyer) 4th ed., 2015

Study Guide to Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Study Guide to Forensic Psychiatry

Study Guide to Psychiatry

Study Guide to Psychopharmacology

Study Guide to Psychosomatic Medicine

Symptom-Based Diagnosis in Pediatrics (Shah) 2014

Tarascon pediatric emergency pocketbook – 6th ed., 2011

Texas Children's Hospital Handbook of Pediatrics and Neonatology (Lowry) 2011

Textbook of Pediatric Care (American Academy of Pediatrics), 2nd ed. 2017

Textbook of Psychotherapeutic Treatments, 2009

Textbook of Traumatic Brain Injury (Silver),2nd.ed.,2011

Using and Understanding Medical Statistics (Matthews), 2015

USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills Triage: A Guide to Honing Clinical Skills, 2010

Weinberg's Color Atlas of Pediatric Dermatology (Prose) 5thed., 2017

What Your Patients Need to Know about Psychiatric Medications


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