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Diversity and Inclusion

The IWK is committed to offering a welcoming and inclusive environment where diversity is respected, embraced and valued in all that we say and do. The IWK has a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy that was developed using input from staff, physicians, and volunteers and through consultations with a variety of diverse community organizations. This strategy guides our work as we strive to be Culturally Competent and welcoming.

IWK Position Statement on Diversity, Inclusion and Culturally Competent Care - The position statement was created to highlight the organization’s commitment to diversity, inclusion and providing culturally competent care. To publicly share our commitment with staff, patients and families a number of our position statements have been placed in various locations around the health centre. (place the PS’s hyperlink).

What is diversity?
What is Cultural Competence?
How will my cultural & diverse needs be addressed at the IWK?

We are excited to work in partnership with diverse families and community organizations. Please contact Tyro Setlhong, IWK Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator at 470 -7362 or tyro.setlhong@iwk.nshealth.ca with your ideas on how the IWK can become more welcoming and culturally competent or to become involved with the IWK Diversity & Inclusion strategy.

Diversity & Inclusion Resources:
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